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Key Processes of Exchange

 The processes of exchange described on the pages of this website are fundamental to life on earth. Exchange in life systems governs almost all biological processes, from the energy production of photosynthesis, to the decay and revitalization of decomposition. It is important that people be educated about these happenings. Every day, new threats such as global warming and pollution threaten to disrupt the natural balance that exchange systems attempt to achieve. Without them, there would be no life on earth. It is for this reason that this website was created, and also to fulfill a class requirement at Calvert Hall College High School in Baltimore, MD. The class is Ecology and the Chesapeake Bay, with Mr. Larry Wineke as its excellent teacher. His website can be reached here for more information.  My name is Evan Jalbert, and I am currently a senior at Calvert Hall. Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope that you learn something new and exciting!


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